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  • Assistant professor position at Institut Agro Dijon, possible openning Spring 2024

Assistant professor position at Institut Agro Dijon, possible openning Spring 2024

  • 1 Apr 2024
  • Dijon, France

Position of Assistant Professor in Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Department : Engineering and Process Sciences Department (DSIP)
Discipline: Applied Mathematics and Applications of Mathematics
CNU n° 26/ CNECA 3 (Ministère de l'Agriculture et de la Souveraineté alimentaire)
Expected openning.

A position for an assistant professor (Maître de conferences/MCF) in applied mathematics and statistics is likely to be published in spring 2024 at the Institut Agro, Dijon. The research activities will be carried out within the UMR Agroécologie (INRAE/University of Burgundy/Institut Agro), Pôle MICSOL, in connection with the 'microbiology and ecosystem functions of soils' theme. The profile sought is that of a candidate at the interface between statistics in its contemporary data science aspects and mathematical modelling for life and environmental sciences.

Teaching activities will take place within the Engineering Sciences and Processes Department. The MCF will be involved in initial engineering training (agronomy and agri-food pathways) and apprenticeships as part of core and specialised teaching. There will also be opportunities to take part in international masters courses, such as those run by SFRI's 'Integrate' Graduate School 'Transbio' or the FORTHEMICROBES international masters course run by the FORTHEM European Alliance. The person recruited will need to have a general knowledge of both the mathematical/theoretical and practical aspects of statistics, as well as standard software and languages (R, Python), enabling them to adapt their teaching to a variety of specialist and non-specialist audiences.

Both the research and teaching aspects of this post are in line with strategic priority 5 "Data science' in the research strategy of the Institut Agro Dijon.Through its application aspects in soil microbiology, in particular the dimension linked to the evaluation of the quality of the microbial component of agroecosystems, this position also contributes to Axis 3 "Natural and controlled microbial ecosystems", a differentiating research topics of the Institut Agro Dijon.

Contacts :
DSIP Director: Ludovic Journaux
Director of UMR Agroecology Fabrice Martin

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