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  • RA or Postdoc on modeling COVID-19 for applied public health at INSERM

RA or Postdoc on modeling COVID-19 for applied public health at INSERM

  • 30 Apr 2021
  • Paris, France

Postdoctoral position at INSERM (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research), Paris, France

Closing date: April 30th, 2021

RA or Postdoc on modeling COVID-19 for applied public health: focus on epidemiological data

We have several positions open, along the following directions on modeling for applied public health:

  1. screening (you’ll need experience with networks and mathematical modeling)
  2. space (you’ll need experience with metapopulation modeling and inference)
  3. epidemiological data (you’ll need experience with field data and statistical models)
  4. mobility (you'll need experience with different types of mobility data, and statistical models)

Overall, you want to have experience with mathematical and/or statistical modeling for infectious disease epidemics. And of course, experience in programming, numerical simulations, networks. You also love working with empirical data.
Please let us know in your cover letter what experience you'll bring to the lab. Positions are for 1 year, renewable. Starting date as soon as possible.

Project (1) is in collaboration with Alain Barrat (CNRS, Marseille). There is also a twin open position at Alain Barrat's lab in Marseille. Projects (2) and (4) are in collaboration with Stefania Rubrichi (Orange). Project (3) is in collaboration with local authorities in France.

All our work on COVID-19 is listed here: https://www.epicx-lab.com/covid-19.html
We have been active since January 2020 to provide regular reports on the ongoing situation and to respond to specific needs/questions of public health agencies and health authorities, with whom we work in close collaboration. These projects continue this activity. Our scientific production on COVID-19 can be found in our publications page: https://www.epicx-lab.com/papers.html

Our group is here: https://www.epicx-lab.com/people.html - vibrant, hard-working, enthusiastic.

To apply send a CV and a letter of motivation to epicx.lab @ gmail.com specifying in the subject "APPLICATION JOB #X", with X corresponding to the numbered research direction above.

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