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CIMPA Research School 2016: Mathematical modeling in biology and medicine

CIMPA Research School 2016: Mathematical modeling in biology and medicine
Santiago de Cuba
8-17 June 2016

Mathematical modeling and computer simulation tools have been growing enormously in the fields of mathematics and physics applied to biophysics, biology, biochemistry and bioengineering. The reasons for this large attention of the mathematical community are multi-faceted. Among them, the mathematical modeling in biology and medicine is one of the most important challenges of mathematics applied to scientific problems. It has been shown to be a substantial tool for the investigation of complex biophysical phenomena, such as cancer. Tumor growth continues and will continue to challenge oncologists. The pace of progress has often been slow, in part because of the time required to evaluate new therapies. To reduce the time to approval, new paradigms for assessing therapeutic efficacy are needed. This requires the intellectual energy of scientists working in the field of mathematics and physics, collaborating closely with biologists and clinicians. This essentially means that the heuristic experimental approach, which is the traditional investigative method in the biological sciences, should be complemented by a mathematical modeling approach. This school is addressed for researchers, doctoral students, students of Master’s degree level and talented undergraduate students to acquire a basic training in that field. This school will cover a wide class of mathematical models and applications in issues related to tumor growth, population dynamics, pattern formation and their implications in developmental cancer biology. The school will constitute a very interesting thematic opening for the young researchers. It will also be a tremendous tool of exchange between world-wide researchers and Cuban/Caribbean researchers in applied mathematics, theoretical biology and medicine.

Deadline for students to apply is February 28, 2016.

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Deadline ESMTB Travel Support

To apply for travel support, please fill out the ESMTB Travel Support form. The deadline has been moved to May 31st, 2016. On the Travel Support page you can find more information about the guidelines for travel support. 


ECMTB14 in Gothenburg


ECMTB 2014 will follow the by now well-established pattern of plenary and contributed talks and minisymposia. The conference is Sunday-Thursday. Friday June 20 is Midsummer Eve in Sweden, arguably the year’s most important holiday in the North. We plan an organised excursion to a traditional countryside Midsummer celebration for those of you who would like to stay on.

Minisymposia announcement

At the next European Conference on Mathematical and Theoretical Biology in Gothenburg 15 -- 19 June, 2014, there are possibilities to arrange dedicated minisymposia, either during the conference or in connection with it, Saturday June 14, 9.00 -- 17.00, and Sunday June 15, 9.00 -- 13.00.

Scheduling during the conference proper should be agreed by the Organising Committee. The ECMTB opens officially at 14.00 on Sunday 15 June.

To submit a suggestion for a minisymposium, give a title, a short description of the area, names, mail, and affiliations of the organisers. Mail your proposal to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The submission of minisymposia will be open until 1 January and information on acceptance will be given no later than 10 January.

Please observe: Due to a technical mail-problem, we kindly ask you who submitted your suggestion before 18 October, to resend your proposal. We are sorry for the extra work this will cause you.

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Electronic ballot for new ESMTB board members

The General Assembly of ESMTB (June 2014, Gothenburg) nominated eight candidates for the elections. Each paying member of ESMTB can now vote for a maximum of five candidates. The candidates will be ranked based on the number of votes they receive, and the first five will become members of the Board. The new Board members will replace Andreas Deutsch, Miguel Herrero, Daphne Manoussaki, Peter Jagers, and Andrea Pugliese who will complete their 6-year term (in the case of Andreas Deutsch 12-year term) on the Board at the end of 2014. Election candidates are Andrea De Gaetano, Susanne Ditlevsen, Patsy Haccou, Frank Hilker, Torbjorn Lundh, Anna Marciniak-Czochra, Géza Meszéna, and Sergei Petrovskii. The profiles of the candidates are available on the voting area.

The closing date of the ballot will be September 15, 2014.